Sponsors 2012

Kind thanks to our generous sponsors and donors for Bradfest 2012.  They’ve shown their support for young local musicians.  Be sure to show your support for them!

Bernick’s Beverages and Vending, Duluth
Poor Gary’s Pizza, Virginia and Biwabik
The 218, Virginia
KUMD, Duluth
Addiction Drum Design
Sunny Shadows, Fayal Township
Booper Mosaics LLC, Virginia
Lukasavitz Law Group, LLC
Carmody Irish Pub, Duluth
London Road Rental, Duluth
Fortune Bay Resort Casino,  Tower
Sir Speedy Printing and Copying,  NE Minneapolis
Malenius Media, Milwaukee, WI
Jan and Ed Rozman, Virginia
Dennis Knudson
Robert Reed, Virginia
Stanley Reed, Virginia
Lakeview National Golf Course, Two Harbors
Aysta Water, Virginia
Edge Water Park & Resort, Duluth
Cardboard Safari, Charlottesville VA
Starkovich Distributing, Inc., Virginia
Minuteman Press, Minneapolis
The Alpine
Mesabi Daily News, Virginia
KAXE Northern Community Radio, Grand Rapids
89.3 FM The Current, St. Paul
94.5 FM WELY End of the Road Radio, Ely
KVSC 88.1 FM Your Sound Alternative, St. Cloud
Saigon Cafe, Virginia
The Minnesota Twins, Minneapolis
Natasha Gontesky, Minneapolis
The Mirage, Virginia
Summit Brewing, St. Paul
Rustin Inn Cafe and Gifts, Two Harbors
Whole Foods Coop, Duluth
Steve & Angie Rogers, Virginia
Suzanne’s Jewelry, Virginia
Peace Coffee, Minneapolis
Castle Danger Brewery, Two Harbors
Cindy Rogers, Virginia
Silver Creek Liquor, Mountain Iron
Fortune Bay Resort and Casino, Tower
Mary Kay, Cook
Flaimer’s Bar, Virginia
Roxanne Reed, Virginia
Sherwin-Williams, Virginia
Grand Central Music, Duluth
Duluth Playhouse, Duluth
Dream River Studios, Carlton
Jeredt Runions, Duluth
Northern Ornamental Concrete, Virginia
Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Paul
Mary Plaster, Duluth
Blackwoods, Two Harbors
Mature Voices MN, St. Paul
Sports Page Bar, Virginia
Country Inn and Suites, Virginia
Y’or Mudder’s Place, Gilbert
Wink’s Place, Virginia
McDermid’s, Biwabik
Coca Cola Bottling Company, Virginia
Josh Yank, Mpls.
Jason Wolfe, San Francisco
Briana Lowrie and Jeffrey Woolverton, Duluth
Terry McCarthy and Kent Schul, Duluth
Jill Holmen, Duluth
City of Virginia, Virginia
Joe Hejda, Duluth
Iron Trail Motors, Virginia
Superior Shores, Two Harbors
Norri Distributing Co., Virginia
BG’s Bar & Grill, Mt. Iron
Irma’s Finland House, Virginia
Abby’s Accessories, Virginia
Ziola Tribal Dance, Duluth
Katie Rogers, Virginia
Duluth Grill, Duluth
New Scenic Cafe, Duluth
Revontulet Design, Carlton
Amazing Grace Bakery, Duluth
F&D Meats, Virginia
Natural Harvest Food Co-Op, Virginia
Revontulet Design, Carlton
Alakef Coffee Roasters, Duluth
Zinema 2, Duluth
Laurentian Divide Salon & Spa, Virginia
Natural Harvest Food Co-op, Virginia
Jesse Majeski, Virginia
R Bar & Sauna, Biwabik
3317 Handmade, St. Paul
Capricorn Sister, St. Paul
Shameless Inc., Minneapolis
MN Rollergirls, Minneapolis
Mona Moeller, St. Cloud
Tom Lundquist
Arbour Law Office, Mpls.
Fastenal, Virginia
Scott and Kelly Engman, Virginia
Gonzo Science, Duluth
Coffee Art, Duluth
KC Myers, Duluth
Mark Matthison
Shutter Gun
Virginia Golf Course, Virginia
Allison Kidder, Berkeley, CA
Kevin Chan, Berkeley, CA
Voyageur Motel, Two Harbors
Heather Murphy (Massage), Duluth