Welcome! The Second Annual BradFest is really getting close! Thank you so much for volunteering for BradFest — we really couldn’t pull this off without your help!

Sign up for one (two-hour) shift — get a BradFest 2011 t-shirt
Sign up for three (two-hour) shifts — and you can have free on-site camping and a BradFest mug which gets you $1 off any drinks you purchase (all weekend long!)

Don’t forget to enter your phone number so we can reach you over the festival weekend.
In the comments section of the signup, please indicate what t-shirt size you’d like and whether you would like to camp at the Earthwood and on which nights.

Contact us at volunteer@bradfest.org with any questions.

Thanks so much for your help and 82!

<a href="http://www.signupschedule.com/bradfest">Signup Now!!</a>

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